version 3

The third version of the embroidery machine has been developed since summer 2016 with several objectives in mind:

  • to improve the solidity compare to V2 et correct vibration problems and precision in high speed.
  • beeing able to adapt the frame of any haberdashery store (stiffer then ours in 3D)  and beeing able to take it out completely and detach them ( quickly and with no tools)
  • reduce the height of the set-up and put it at the front to make compatible with more machines.
  • to make our electronic regulate the speed automatically.
  • deliver a first usable version for novices of our sofware.
  • Ease the market problem (buying the pieces), by  finding liable shops and listing the pieces.
  • limit the work time and the building work (for instance 10h ours of 3D printing for the v2))
  • improve the look.
  • improve the building process and the kit form to sell them later on, it will be available on the electrolab shop

For now only the mecanical parts has seen the improve the rest will come in time.

The 3D printing process is very adapted to doing prototypes and was perfect for our second version but this one 10 hours of printing were not feasible. We decided to try a machine often found in makerspaces (but recent in the lab) a laser cutting machine !

brodeuse V3Most of the elements were lasercuted in 5mm PMMA (which solved the aestheticism part)  some small pieces (ball bearing supports) were cut in 2mm PMMA.

these elements were glued together to make them stiffer the structure in reinforced by linear guiding rails of better quality (shopping for them is easier) hen the V2 version (drylin® sliders from Igus).

brodeuse V3 courroiethe stiffness is also permitted thanks to the wider space of the rails base and a triangle disposition with no hyperstatiscm of axis Z
A new design for the running belt prevent the torsion around the attached points of axis  by widening them.

The use of the Igus rails diminished a lo the height of the set up ( the allow the stabilization foot present on every machines on the market) With his version the set is 5 cm high.

brodeuse V3 railsThe y axis was studied the allow the installation of an adaptator for the haberdashery frames. We right now have an adaptator for a Brother SA439, de 5″x7″ (13x18cm) but other frames and brands are completely adaptable.

A 3Bis version is on the road with electronic case and some suprise.

a promising V3