build the mecanic

core structure (red), mobile X axis (blue) mobile Y axis with frame adaptor (green)


Solvespace model : solvespace file deposit

svg laser cutting:

These files go with the last machined version.

A color code help distinguished pieces from the core structure (red) the mobile X axis (blue) and the mobile Y axis with frame adaptor (green). The color code is only here for a quick identification.

File for the Brother frame adaptor( Be careful various types exist in the brand) support_cadres_brother.stl

You will also need a square plastic profile U shaped (2 cm lenght) for the structure of the adaptator.

List of tools :

  • Laser cutter functionnal on 5 mm PMMA
  • 3D printer (frame and machine adaptator)
  •  M3 thread tap (except if inserts)
  • M4 thread tap(except if  inserts)
  •  torx screwdriver or allen key  (depends on the type of screw)

List of materials :

drivers and guiding:

  • igus drylin® NK-02-17-01-190-LLZ -> 17mm rail, 190 mm lenght + 1 carriage with threaded hole floating bearing z-direction
  • igus drylin® NK-02-17-02-490-P -> 17mm rail, 490 mm lenght + 2 carriage with pretension
  • igus drylin® NK-02-27-02-300-P -> 27mm rail, 300 mm lenght + 2 carriage with pretension, Through holes Mounting
  • 2 NEMA 14 bipolar stepper,  max lenght: 34mm, shaft diameter: 5mm, min shaft lenght: 25mm, 0.8A, holding torque: 18Ncm, step: 1.8°
  • 2 mètres de courroie GT2, largeur: 6mm
  • 2 GT2 20 teeth 5mm bore pulley
  • 3 GT2 16 teeth with bearing,  3mm bore, 9mm width pulley
  • 1 teethless pulley with bearing, 3mm bore, max width: 9mm external diameter around 17mm


  • aluminium angle 20x20x1, lenght: 120mm
  • 5mm PMMA plate  450x280mm
  • 2mm PMMA plate 50x130mm (quelques petites pièces, usinable dans des chutes)
  • PMMA glue

Metal torx screws ou allen keys round or cylinder:

  • 4 M3 screw lenght:22mm (pulley)
  • 8 M3 screw lenght:8mm (motor)
  • 11 M3 screw lenght: 10mm + nuts ( drylin 17mm rails) (look at spirol press-in serie 50 inserts)
  • 5 M4 screw lenght: 10mm + nuts or inserts ( drylin 27mm rails)
  • 10 M4 screw lenght: 6mm (drylin gliding elements)
  • 3 M4 screw lenght: 8mm ( machine adaptor)